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Welcome to FUNC-BOX. This is the home of a totally new and unique form of fitness equipment that has the ability to revolutionise how you maintain and develop your fitness. This highly versatile piece of equipment is so much more than simply a work bench. With a unique design made from quality materials, this equipment offers an anchor point for so many of your favourite exercises. Designed for use indoors, at the gym and outdoors, the FUNC-BOX is completely portable, meaning you have the ability to train every day, no matter what your circumstance.

We understand that sometimes life can get int the way of fitness training but we also know how important it is to maintain consistency in what you do. Through its Mobility, FUNC-BOX allows you to maintain your fitness wherever you need to go. Through its Functionality, FUNC-BOX allows you to train the way you want… and through both of these areas, the FUNC-BOX opens up a world of Possibility when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

FUNC-Box - Workout & Training Equipment
FUNC-Box - Workout & Training Equipment
FUNC-Box - Workout & Training Equipment

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Do you want to get the most out of training at home? Made in Australia, the FUNC-Box is the most functional at-home workout system on the market. The FUNC-Box is portable and fits in most cars – so whether you’re training in the park or at home, you will be equipped to handle any workout routine. As an adjustable fitness bench, the FUNC-Box was designed around the idea of practicality and will work with any piece of gym equipment you can think of.


I’ve loved the utility of this training equipment. Acting as an anchor point to so many exercises, the FUNC-BOX allows me to train every day the way I want. I can even take it with me when I go camping and can’t get to a gym. One of the great benefits of this BOX is its ability to maximise my Prehab & Rehab training so I can recover from a game and protect my body from injury.

Ben Mowen

Australian Rugby Union, Wallabies Captain

I love using the FUNC-BOX for everything from a circuit session to a weights session, where the FUNC-BOX is the weight. I use the FUNC-BOX all the time and do resistance band rehab in my living room. I highly recommended this product. Plus, the guys behind the box are great blokes!

Keesja Gofers

Australian Water Polo, Aussie Stingers

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