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FUNC-Box - Workout & Training Equipment

The FUNC-BOX is proudly Australian owned and produced out of Brisbane by the FUNC Boys, a duo who couldn’t find a piece of training equipment compact and light enough that they could use at home, the park, when travelling for work, or on holidays with the family.

The solution the FUNC Boys found was to create a new version of a work bench with their own engineer certified design modifications. They created the FUNC-BOX. The boys, Shane (a builder) and Tommy (with a background in construction), choose to work with the best local products for improved quality and durability. Since its creation in February 2020 the FUNC Boys have been inundated with enquiries and now send out FUNC-BOX orders across Australia.

Shane and Tommy are incredibly passionate about their craft as they see every day the amazing feedback from customers who have purchased the product and realise early on how versatile the product is. They’re continually inspired to keep creating products that genuinely help others.

The FUNC Boys’ dream is to see a FUNC-BOX in the home of fitness enthusiast across Australia and they’re proud to be the makers behind a product that is equally as beneficial in optimising the training of both first time beginners and elite athletes.

Our Community
Real People. Real Results!

Our FUNC family is our reason for doing! Made up of fitness enthusiasts and supporters of the FUNC-BOX, this immensely motivated and supportive community celebrates the power of developing and maintaining good health and wellbeing. We love to celebrate the wins of our followers and get so pumped to see the different ways the BOX can be used.

Within our community we have personal trainers who use the FUNC-BOX at client sessions outdoors, athletes who use the BOX to maintain fitness during the playing season, camping enthusiasts who take the BOX on their travel adventures (and find it doubles as a great storage box and camp seat!) and of course at home fitness enthusiasts, who use the BOX to exercise with when they can’t get to the gym.

We strive to keep delivering you new and interesting content to keep you both inspired and firmly planted on your fitness path. We love to share your stories so feel free to send them our way anytime you like!

Join The Community Today:

“The FUNC-BOX has been a fantastic addition to my equipment list! In fact, it’s the glue that brings all of the pieces together and lights up my programs. The FUNC-BOX allows me to condition and service my clients better, due to its functionality.

Whether I’m doing strength training or endurance training, the FUNC.BOX offers my programming so much variety and diversity. It seriously is the must-have for any PT, and anyone training at home or outside”


Personal Trainer

“The FUNC-Box is the best bench I have ever laid on. I really recommend it!”



“Since purchasing the FUNC-BOX, the variety and excitement in designing my clients training programs has gone through the roof. Not only have the sessions I’m now delivering to my clients improved their overall strength and endurance, but my own training has gone to the next level as well.

Whether you’re a mobile personal trainer or simply just sick of paying for gym memberships, the FUNC-BOX is a MUST have to accomplish your health and fitness goals!”


Personal Trainer

The FUNC-Box:
Functional Workout Equipment

FUNC-Box Personal Training & Workout Equipment

The FUNC-BOX is a mobile gym that enables you to achieve a full body workout anywhere you want. Designed to optimise existing equipment or to be used in conjunction with our Starter Pack (HART Sport), this fitness equipment trains every muscle group and is particularly suited to the exercise programs of HIIT, Resistance, Pilates, Strength, Prehab/Rehab. We currently offer the FUNC-BOX in the version OG 2.0, for at home fitness enthusiasts, and the PRO with additional wheels for improved portability, a speaker, increased weight load, and with branding customisation also available.

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